What Your Patient Advocate does not do: make decisions for you, determine fault or liability, hands-on nursing, manage finances.

Your Patient Advocate 
can help when you: 

can't figure out your insurance benefit
need help choosing the best option

need a guide during hospitalization
need an in-town advocate for Mom
don't understand the big picturere afraid to ask for another opinion
want someone to do the research on options
want to know why the insurance company won't pay
have an unplanned surgery
don't know who else to call

Your Patient Advocate Can Help!!

There's a lot of steps but you're not alone.  

Every client has unique needs and receives services customized to their needs. Pricing can be hourly, by retainer or by task. Please contact us; we're far more affordable than you might expect! 

  • Accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Education on medical conditions and treatment options
  • Reviewing prescriptions and medications to assure there are no conflicts
  • Helping you live independently 
  • Assisting you to select the best place to live as happily as possible
  • Care management
  • Giving your caregiver the support that is needed
  • Assisting with palliative care and end-of-life discussions
  • Navigating the insurance maze
  • Understanding insurance benefits and medical policies
  • Assisting your family to make and coordinate care decisions
  • Providing written summaries of diagnoses and treatments based on careful research of clinical studies in published, peer-reviewed scientific journals.