The loved one

The system

Years of experience in this mess of love

The family

How to take care of Mom? She wants her independence; you want her to be safe.  She says, "Phooey on safety!  I'm fine!"  What's a loving child to do?  Ok, so you know what you should do for Mom, but there's a stubborn sibling who doesn't get it.  How to talk some sense into him?  And who on earth can get through the insurance maze?  Why is it all so hard when you're just trying to be a good kid?

Areas of Expertise: Gerontology, Appropriate Living Situations, Disabilities, Research into Diagnoses and Treatments, Family Conferences, Cultural Gaps in the Healthcare System, Insurance Benefits, and more.


  • ​​​​​​​​​​Your Mom isn't managing at home on her own
  • You need a guide during a hospitalization
  • You're not sure you understand what the medical specialists said
  • You need help doing the research on your diagnosis and treatment
  • You need another pair of ears at medical appointments
  • You and your insurance company don't agree on what your benefit covers​​

Your Patient Advocate Can Help!!